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iPazzPort Wireless Mini Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse

The iPazzPort Wireless Mini Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse is a perfect product for a Smart TV Box, which  I do own a few and even the Raspberry Pi 3, PC Laptops, and other devices. It works wonders when you want to type online, text a message, or simply insert a password and username. The product easily allows you to access the keyboard and mouse on one device, shaped like a portable gaming controller. 

Battery and USB piece is located in the back, protected and secure
That design actually makes it easy to handle and comfortable to hold, while the keyboard is similar to a regular computer and includes easy to see numbers and letters on each key. The mousepad on top is like the one on a laptop, smaller and still useful with a finger to scroll different areas when needed. You also have a few buttons to the right or left click like a regular mouse, search, return home and many more options. It may seem a bit more work to learn, but honestly, if your use on computers and controllers, then this shouldn't' be too extreme and after awhile you'll get it down.
Power on and off on top. Also on the top is the charging USB port. 

Powered on, it will light up and every button pressed will show reaction by a blue light
Sometimes, you use the main keys more than most on this accessory, but each one does a specific thing which really, in the long run, makes it easy to work with when using all your devices. I love that this is wireless, easy to sync up and doesn't have a wire to bother you with. Plus, it's rechargeable and the battery is long lasting.
Finally, it's all in the box, no extra equipment needed and the design and product works great!
Product Information:
  • Wireless mini handheld keyboard compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, Smart TV, HTPC, XBMC, PC, laptop and most Google and Android set-top boxes. No need to keep a full sized keyboard and mouse connected.
  • Wireless 2.4GHz connection, the wireless dongle included in package, plug and play
  • Use it to easily input text, browse the internet and play games with a unified keyboard and remote. You never have to leave the couch
  • A long lasting battery is rechargeable and will give you over 24 hours of use on one charge. Touchpad for move cursor to copy and paste(press Fn+Spacebar to adjust sensitivity)
  • If can't work or lost connection with a keyboard,re-sync keyboard with a receiver as below steps: 1.charge keyboard for two hours and switch on; 2.Press Fn+F1 simultaneously for three seconds, the light on a keyboard would blink;3.Plug receiver int USB port, the light would go out.4.After light go out,press any keys to test
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