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Honice - High Quality Home and Outdoor Accessories

For those who love to work on projects inside the home or maybe have a hobby outside, there is a company known as Honice which provides so many home goods that can help! I love that this store has inexpensive products that provide high-quality results and are well designed. Each item they supply is from normal items inside the kitchen while crafting or doing little hobby type jobs. They also supply outdoor items like fishing products! 

Below I have had a chance to share with you some wonderful products that would be great for the hobbyist in the house! Of course, if you are interested in many of the other household items they supply, check them out at
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This is a wonderful tool for those interested in leather crafts! Actually, it can work on many different fabrics and easily gives you that perfect size puncher you need.
For making your own creation, possibly a bag or belt this can come in handy. However, maybe you want to fix the belt you own or add extra holes to any sort of crafted project, then this can really come in handy as well!
Comfortable and simple to use!
Lock to keep it in place, when not in use 
There are six different sizes with this tool, which allows you a choice of what size you want to punch into the object. Plus, it's designed to be comfortable for you to grip tightly and punch with ease. Less pain and stress on the hand while getting the results you want! I love that it's great for many different fabrics and materials, so the possibilities are endless! It's definitely a perfect for any hobby, craft and someone who works at a company that requires punching holes into leather or other fabrics.
You are able to change the size punch
Excellent product, low price, and great quality!

Product Information:
  • Use For Leather, Gaskets, Paper, Plastic, Cloth, etc
  • Ideal for Home, Shop, Hobbies & Crafts
  • The spring load head,Six punch sizes: 2 mm,2.5 mm,3 mm,3.5 mm,4 mm,4.5 mm
  • Size:220*102*17 mm / 8.67*3.94*0.67 inch
  • Comfortable plastic molded hand grip
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Fishing can be so much fun! However, having things misplaced in a large bag can be annoying or frustrating. So when I see this box I fell in love with the small size compartments, which, is perfect for those small hooks, lures, and fake fish or even fly fish. It's not a huge box at all! Instead, you have here a perfect size for many different tiny objects that are used often.
The sizes inside are from small to medium to even a bit bigger. Allowing each piece to stay perfectly organized and easy to travel along with. So for that next fishing trip, this can come in handy and it's a lovely blue color, which is nice as well!
Product Information:
  • Material:ABS plastic , safe and reliable
  • Size: approx 13.4 * 6.4 * 3cm / 5.3 * 2.5 * 1.2 inch , Net Weight: 45g
  • 10 individual compartments to store different accessories.
  • Ideal for storing swivels, hooks, lures, etc. the necessary item for angler.
  • Portable design, convenient to carry.
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The Handheld electric Jewellery Engraver by Honice is a perfect handheld tool for detailed engraving. It's electric so just insert the batteries and start engraving. Super simple to use! The device has a nice comforting grip around the handle. Allowing for a more stable hand while using the tool.
Its small point gives you a perfect size for engraving on tiny pieces of jewelry, which can be fun for friends and family members as a gift with their initials, names or words of encouragement! However, this is used, the product is an excellent tool and very nice addition to anyone who works with jewelry or crafts!
Product Information:
  • Material: Plastic + Electronic Components
  • Size: 17.5*2.9*2.9 cm / 6.9*1.14*1.14 inch (L*W*H)
  • Used to inscribe almost any metal, wood, glass or plastic material
  • Turn on: Hold the engraver pen like a pencil, with your thumb over the control button.
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) , Don't use continuously for a long time
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This is a great mini tool for those who work with beads, wood and many materials that need a little additional hole. It can be perfect to get the tiny size hole you need with this twist drill. It's perfect for doll size creations, which I plan to create my own doll house and even smaller projects and toys.
The Honice Mini Micro Hand Drill runs on the power of your hand, no electric needed. It's get ten super strong steel drill bits that range in size from .3mm to 3.2mm. Each gives a nice precise hole as you move the drill into the material of choice.
I love hat it's got a no-slip design on the handle and is so easy to use. The put in and take out of the drill bits are simple to do! So when you ever need a small drill this can help and even for those who use wooden beads and want to make the hole a bit larger, this can help as well! Finally, it's great for crafters and those who work with different materials and need tiny holes!

Product Information:
  • Material: High-Speed Steel
  • High precision,can clip 0.3 -3.2mm drill bit
  • Suitable for wood, plastic,rubber,model and others material to drilling hole
  • Precise, accurate and efficient, for aluminum hand drill hobby
  • Do not fit steel, iron, stone, such hard things
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This is an excellent holder for cosmetic products and keeps things organized, by color or just the product itself! I love that there are 24 different slots and each can hold the size of a lipstick tube or mascara or even small sample size lotions. It's very useful and keeps things on my counter in a nice organized, neat look. The separation allows me to view each easily and I don't need to search around for the specific product. I have so many items, so having a cosmetic display stand like this one by Honice is wonderful! and the clear design makes it simple to know where each item is placed.
The step up design is even nice, as it's easier to view each in the back as those in the front. For beauty products, this can really come in handy! Plus, it's inexpensive and just looks great in any home, since it's clear and works in all rooms.
Excellent product and great quality Acrylic design!

Product Information:
  • Material: Acrylic
  • ELEGANT STORAGE: Keep your organized collection look neat and stylish. Top grade acrylic with great contouring and high polished finish makes this set so sweet to the eye.
  • ACCESSIBLE: Featuring a clear finish, you can easily see the inside and find just what you are looking for. Easy access to specific items when you need them!
  • COMPACT AND SMART DESIGN: Store-specific items in their corresponding slots in this 2-piece organizer. The grid portion is perfect for holding lipsticks, creams, and even smaller items such as earrings and trinkets. Its drawers are spacious and have removable black mesh padding.
  • DURABLE ACRYLIC: The organizers are built tough with top-grade acrylic that will last for years.
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These are so cool! Honice has so many different types and they are perfect for tiny arts and craft projects. Those who are into yarn crafts like embroidery, sewing, stitching, needlepoint, crochet, or knitting. The vintage look is so classy! Plus with 9  sizes and designs, there s definitely one that would work for you or gifted to a loved one.
The scissors are of perfect length for small size yarns as well as regular length. Each cut is perfect without ruining the ends of the yarn or ribbon being cut. It also makes great precise cuts for design to a bow's end or pretty much any material you are cutting. 

I just honestly love the design! Not only do you have here a vintage brown style pair of scissors, but you also get an option of beautifully and fashionable style designed handles. I really think each of the 9 they have are gorgeous! However, I have number 9 which was a favorite memory of my love for France! So I have the Eiffel tower design.
It's just gorgeous and memorable, every time I use them to craft up a gift!
Finally, if you know someone who loves to craft, maybe uses scissors to cut yarn or would like a pair for a collection then these are one of the nicest ways to gift them as well as an inexpensive way as well!

Product Information:
  • Material: Titanium , Color: Retro Brown
  • High-quality stainless steel surface coated with titanium,will not fade and no rust.
  • Perfect for cutting paper, cloth, nails, sewing or family expenses.
  • Cute and retro scissors, very sharp, suitable for manual.
  • It will be the good choice for gifts.
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