Saturday, June 18, 2016

HABAER Cute Jumbo Chubby Squishy Panda Bread Bun Cell Phone Charm

The HABAER Cute Jumbo Panda Bun Charm is a very fun ball shaped squishy that can hang on your phone, act as a charm on a key chain or anything you'd like! It's got this nice soft feel, very squeezable and adorable face. I love that it's this cute panda that kids or adults would love to have is a charm and brings a smile to their faces. Each panda charm comes different, which each purchase. So no one is ever going to be the same like the one before. 
Squishy soft with a bread-like scent.
Plus, the bun styled panda has an adorable smell of bread, something you never find or smell in a toy like this! Finally, for a cute and fun toy, charm this HABAER Cute Jumbo Panda Bun is something anyone would or could enjoy.  Fun, soft and adorable, which can also make such a great gift as well! 
Product Information:
  • Material: High-quality PU foam.
  • Size: about 10CM
  • Package included: 1*Panda Bread Toy. Type shipped randomly from the picture.
  • It smells like bread. Super cute design, it is super fun to squeeze these squishy.
  • This bun charm can conveniently attach to bags, keys, and cell phones, and can also be used as gifts, collecting, and more!

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