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Food Energetics by Steve Gagné

The book, Food Energetics by (Author) Steve Gagné is packed with the benefits of real food. What they can do for us and how they help us daily. I absolutely love the benefits of certain foods and find a clean diet is always the best way to go. So to learn about each specific food and how they work with our bodies by the spiritual, emotional and physical health.
I always felt that when I eat certain foods, whether sugary or healthy my body responds differently. As many know that you eat sugar and it's like a burst of energy then you just feel weak and tired afterward. However, have a real meal like roasted chicken, potatoes, and veggies on the side you feel more energetic and likable to concentrate and be happy. So food does have special abilities and certain ones affect the body differently.  That is why I love how much information is stuck into this book and how helpful it really is to understand and know.
The book will tell you about energetic properties of certain foods, benefits of the nutrients and many other values they provide for the body. Also, understand how these foods work to nourish and heal the body like a remedy, naturally
I really think this is an excellent book and very helpful indeed!
Information About The Author:
Steve Gagné is a natural health and nutrition counselor who began researching and teaching food energetics in 1972. He teaches throughout the United States and Europe and continues to study traditional cultures and their dietary practices in remote parts of the world. He lives in Colorado.

Book Information:
Edition : New Edition of The Energetics of Food
Pages : 576
Book Size : 6.00 x 9.00
ISBN-13 : 9781594772429
Imprint : Healing Arts Press
Release Date : November 05, 2008
Format : Paperback Book

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Innertraditions- Food Energetics The Spiritual, Emotional, and Nutritional Power of What We Eat by Steve Gagné

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