Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Face Forever Travel Smart Bottles Set

The Face Forever Travel Smart Bottles are perfect for storing some of your own personal liquids to spray and lotions. It can be perfect to use for travel, maybe you have a homemade perfume, ingredients to keep bugs away, cream or lotions for the face and skin or even a lip balm, well this set has three lovely spray bottles that can be filled and reused as well as two small round containers. They are all nicely decorated and come with a pink and blue top with a clear see-through bottom, perfect to know exactly what is inside the container.
There is also two extra pieces, which allow you to fill or mix and scoop in/out the cream/liquids into each bottle. What I really enjoy is that the containers are a perfect size for carrying them in a pocket or bag and easily using it anyplace. I prefer creating my own creations with essential oils and shea butter, so to be able to have a place to store and use when needed is wonderful! No matter if it's shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, body cream, homemade perfume, bug spray, or maybe just water this set is perfect for holding all of that and can be reused as often as needed! Therefore, for a person who travels often, uses homemade products or maybe just wants a way to take some of the products you use daily with you on the go, then this can be a nice way to store and travel without having to carry around the regular size product.
Product Information:
  • 15ml Beak bottle X 1; 15ml Spary bottle X 1; 10g Cream box X 2; Mask stick X 1; Dropper X 1; Transparent plastic box: 11.5cm X 9.3cm X 3cm Come with transparent plastic box.
  • Perfect for traveling ,meet different needs. Everyone has its uses.
  • Convenient to carry. Help you keep hydrated.
  • Bpa free
  • This is a carry-on bottle set that is specially designed for travel use. Each piece boasts a neat and clean look due to its transparent body.
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