Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Draw People In 15 Minutes by Jake Spicer

The book, Draw People In 15 Minutes by Jake Spicer is one of my favorite new drawing books! This is actually another that he created after the book, Draw Faces in 15 Minutes which I love! This book actually makes drawing up a person so much easier and quick! The main reason I love these books by Jake is that they are easy to follow and simple to understand. It allows you to create wonderful figures and not take too long to do so! Plus, with the sections dedicated to the entire parts of the body, you can learn each piece you want at your own pace and get an idea on how to perfect them before putting it all together!
After a few practices and following each step shared inside, it becomes like simple to draw anywhere and know how to create the figure and person as you want. You  actually can start drawing faces, bodies, men or women and pretty much anything you see! The book really gives you a simple body design of most of everyone and you can use that to create more from. Pretty much if you want a good book on drawing people and don't have the time to take a class or take forever to draw these figures, maybe for Fashion Design then this is an excellent book!
No matter where you see someone or want to draw them, this book has everything to get you started and become a professional human drawing. From clothing that is on the person to the person's body, this book will help you draw them quickly and better than ever! I love the excellent work Jake did and it's such a wonderful book!
Information About The Author:
JAKE SPICER is a figurative draftsman, painter, and printmaker who lives and works in the UK, where he is the principal teacher of the Brighton and London Life Drawing Sessions. In 2009 Jake was named the Fringe Report Artist of the Year, and his work is exhibited widely across the UK. Spicer is also the author of Draw Faces in 15 Minutes.

Book Information:
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Griffin
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9781250089632
ISBN10: 1250089638
6.98 x 8.95 inches, 128 pages
Includes illustrations throughout

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St. Martins Press- Draw People In 15 Minutes by Jake Spicer

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