Saturday, June 18, 2016

DeeCam - CNHIDEE Small Round Analog Desk Clock

The CNHIDEE Small Round Desk Clock with Alarm by DeeCam is such a stylish new look for a clock! This device actually has optional color choices like red, green, blue, yellow, white and more! and that is all done with a simple touch of the remote switch. What else is unique about this clock is that it's a mirror too! When you want to use it as a mirror and not a clock, you can easily turn off the clock and enjoy the perfectly clear infinity mirror.
Remote to control the light
Adjust the time setting and alarm from the back
So you really get two great products in one, with a fun and cute design! The best part is that it's a simple device to use and doesn't take too much thought to set and work the clock. There are just a few knobs in the back that allow you to set the time and alarm, plus the remote for changing the color of the clock. Plus, this clock is running on a USB cord for the light and one double A battery for the clock, so it can easily sit right by the computer and add a little fun decoration to look at while working on the computer. However, the clock is used, it's really a nice and different product I've ever seen!  
Finally, this can be a wonderful gift for anyone and even be a great new alarm clock for the bedroom or any place you need a clock. Plus, a mirror when unplugged!
Product Information:
  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Classic Plastic Alarm Clock for office & bedroom & Study & Nursery, perfect as a special present.
  • Super Silent, no ticking to ensure a good sleep and best working environment. This clock also has a wonderful nightlight that makes it a very special clock.
  • Easily adjustable via dial style adjustment knobs in the back.
  • This analog desk alarm clock also has a reflective lens that serves as a mirror when the light is off and serves as an infinity nightlight mirror when the light is turned on.
  • Runs on single AA battery for the clock, the light runs on 5V Dc USB power supply
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