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Customize Your Crochet Adjust to fit; embellish to taste by Margaret Hubert

The book, Customize Your Crochet by Margaret Hubert is a perfect example of how to make a certain piece of crochet clothing or any piece of garment fit the person.
It's got examples of the human body and hot fit the size exactly and correctly. There is guidance to increase or decrease with each project and pattern. Also, there is some guidance on how to work with shaping methods, embellishing and finishing techniques. You will also notice inside the book that there are sections that are meant for the different body shapes from triangles, to squares, and even hour glasses. This actually makes it easy to know what to make for that body shape. Also, how to do each piece for that body type and project you are crocheting.
The book pretty much covers everything for clothing and crocheting for a certain person. I do agree, not everyone is one size fits all. So the reference and helpful tips in this book really come in handy. Honestly, I never thought about adjustments and actually, when I first saw this book, I knew I needed to learn about this so I can fix up my crochet to fit certain people correctly and not create something for one person, while others it won't fit. Finally, it's a great book with so full of helpful hints and tips and ideas to make a wonderful crochet pattern even better, cause it fits! Excellent book!
Information About The Author:
Margaret Hubert is the author of more than 20 crochet and knitting books, including Plus Size Crochet, Knits for Men, Knit or Crochet--Have It Your Way, The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting, The Granny Square Book, Lacework for Adventurous Crocheters, and Runway Crochet. She has enjoyed a lifelong career designing both crochet and knit patterns for yarn companies and book and magazine publishers.

Hubert also teaches at yarn shops, retreats, and national gatherings, and rarely misses a national conference in the needle arts field. A world traveler, Hubert pays close attention to the fashions in Europe and spots trends as they hit New York. In 2012, in fitting tribute to Hubert's lifelong work as a needle art designer, the Crochet Guild of America inducted her into their Jean Leinhauser Crochet Hall of Fame. Her websites include:

Book Information:
Author: Margaret Hubert
Format: Softbound, 112 Pages
ISBN: 9781589238855
Publisher: Creative Publishing international

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