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Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by Mary Scott Huff

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by Mary Scott Huff is a fun and bright book full of creative projects that are simple to create. They all use different types of yarn and how to actually knit! These books from Creative Kids are always helpful for beginners and for those who want to learn to knit. It's excellent for young kids and even adults! 
Why not enjoy some time with the children and learn to knit or create some fun crafts with these projects inside! It's just so simple with the guidance and the bright colorful photos to help you on every step. You'll learn about needles to use, stitches, skills, tips and even techniques! This is just a wonderful book for everyone and anyone interested in knitting! Plus with this book, it's full of color and not just knitting with regular needles but in all different forms, even create some cute little designs like pompom balls to add a nice detailing end to any product!
The dog designs are even a great way to cover up the dog and dress them for cold months and just to keep them warm. It's got so many projects and creative ideas inside that anyone can do, child or adult.

Finally, I found myself interested in knitting after starting to crochet and just getting into all types of yarn crafts. So this book really is something I enjoy using to guide me and help me begin to knit. This book is very helpful for anyone!
Information About The Author:
Mary Scott Huff, author of Fantastical Hats to Knit (CPi, 2014) began as a classically trained actor and theatrical costume designer, but accidentally became a computer programmer somewhere along the way. In writing her first two books, The New Stranded Colorwork, and Teach Yourself Visually Color Knitting, Mary fled the realm of Information Technology to pursue a more yarn-centered way of life. The many friends she found along the way have helped her become a nationally-recognized designer, teacher and author. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Mary shares a wee little house there with her husband, two children, some Scottish Terriers, and more yarn than is strictly necessary. You can join Mary on her adventures playing with string at

Book Information:
Author: Mary Scott Huff
Format: Paperback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 9781589238695
Publisher: Creative Publishing international
Series: Creative Kids

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