Friday, June 17

California Sugar Portable Music Player

The California Sugar Portable Mini 16GB Music Player is easy to use, has great sound and provides you with many options than just playing music! The sound plays through the earbuds, which are included and so is the recharging cord. It's a slim device, so you can easily travel with it any place. It fits into a pocket easily and can be held without weighing down your hand. The buttons are simple, with the control panel in front and the power button on top.
This can be an excellent gift, not too pricey and still plays great with plenty of room on a 16GB internal memory to enjoy uploading as much music or other media as possible! No matter if it's music, videos, e-books(text), photos, and voice recording the quality of each are great! Finally, this is a nice device for a simple gift idea for that music lover in the family!

Product Information:
  • 16 GB MP3 MP4 Player
  • Mini USB Port Music Player
  • Audio: Support MP3 &Video: Support AMV format file
  • Built-in Photo Viewer, support JPEG format,E-book, Speaker, Voice Recorder
  • Provided and supported by California Sugar
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