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Business and Legal Forms for Photographers by Tad Crawford

The book, Business and Legal Forms for Photographers by Tad Crawford is great for those who need forms for business! It covers all the main forms and information about them. Plus a disc is included to print them out exactly as seen in the book. So no extreme work is needed and it's super simple to access anytime. 
I do enjoy the simplicity of having everything in front of me, no searching around. There are all the papers I need and all I have to do is copy and use or I can add a few changes. The book is easy to understand, with lines for writing the information onto. Excellent forms for business and legal issues, when needed in photography!
Basically, covers all the information about photography that you need to have signed out to others to own or other situations. For example, if you want to sell or allow someone else to own a piece and it's great to have a form to have signed even just for legal issues. Instead, researching or trying to write one yourself, this book can help. Plus the ones they do have on the disc, you can actually change it to fit your needs and how you want the form to look or what else you may add. It's just a super simple and helpful book to own for those in the field of Photography.
Information About The Author:
Tad Crawford grew up in the artists' colony of Woodstock, New York. He is the author of many nonfiction books and his writing has appeared in venues such as Art in America, the Café Irreal, Confrontation, Communication Arts, Family Circle, Glamour, Guernica, the Nation, and Writer's Digest. The founder and publisher of Allworth Press, he lives in New York City.

Book Information:
Title: Business and Legal Forms for Photographers 
Author: Tad Crawford 
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing 
Imprint: Allworth Press 
Published: 24 November 2009 
Format: Paperback 
Pages: 208 
Dimensions: 8.50 x 11.00in.

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Allworth- Business and Legal Forms for Photographers by Tad Crawford

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