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Big Boy Ind. Paint Pail Holder and Buddy Bucket

Below I have two wonderful creations by Big Boy Ind.. The company has created something for the painter in any home and it's known as the Big Boy Ind Buddy Bucket. Plus, the other extra little helper for the bucket is the Paint Pail Holder by Big Boy Ind. These two are wonderful together and the bucket is perfect alone as well! Below is my reviews on the two and a few great shots of what they look like as you receive them.

If you ever painted your home, maybe something small or large. Well, then you know about the time it takes to go back and forth, grabbing paint and back to the surface you're working on. So for a simpler way to get the job done, less mess and easy clean up there is the Big Boy Ind Buddy Bucket. This bucket has been designed to provide you an easy to handle pail style bucket with a spout to pour out the excess paint when done. So no waste and easy clean up! 
Nice Spout, angled for easy pouring
Plus, the design of the top is curved in to keep any splatter from ever exiting the top and the paint brush is magnetically pulled towards the handle side, keeping it in place and ready for use when you need it or to store together with the Buddy Bucket.
I think this is the most genius way to paint, definitely for small or large projects! I found it to be helpful to get a door painted and not have to take too much time to set up, paint the object and clean up(one thing I really don't like to do afterwards). So instead of my lazy attitude to painting, I found this to make it feel like fun and such a breeze to do. Maybe I'll finally paint more often and reduce the fatigue I get with a lightweight bucket such as the Buddy Bucket!
Magnetic back for the paint brush to lay against
Finally, this is an excellent product! It provides comfort, ease of use and makes the entire process easier for anyone to want to paint!
Edgest keep it from splatters or paint getting all over
Product Information:
  • Prevents accidents and reduces clean-up time with dripless flange technology
  • Ergonomically designed handle prevents muscle fatigue for a comfortable working experience
  • Perfect size for cutting in a room with 1-quart capacity
  • Paintbrush holding magnet and easy clean-up pouring spout
  • Lightweight and durable for the professional and do it yourself painter

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Now the Big Boy Ind Paint Pail Holder is the next best thing to have with the Big Boy Ind Buddy Bucket. This holder not only supports the bucket, but it even supports the paint inside and the weight of the brush. It stays snug to the body, either side and gives you that ability to paint whatever project you might be working on and not have to worry about the up and down the ladder to finish a project, the moving back and forth to get paint the brush(which takes more time than just having it at your fingertips) and finally the fatigue or tiredness of it in your hands, while trying to paint the entire project.
So this makes the job easier, faster and less tiresome than holding the entire thing in your hands or having to move back and forth. So if you're interested in the Buddy Bucket, then this is the accessory you need to buy to make the work 100% easier!
Not saying the bucket is not that good because, between you and me, that is an invention I wish I had when my mom, sister and I had to paint a full room. However, I know from now on that having the Paint Pail Holder, which can even hold other items along such as screwdrivers, painting tools and much more, I can make any job easier and prevent a mess that may occur from dripping. This makes it so much easier! Excellent product to have with the Buddy Bucket!
Fits the Buddy Bucket inside
Product Information:
  • Custom designed for Big Boy Ind. 5200 Dripless Cut-in Pail
  • For all your interior and exterior painting projects
  • Hands-free design for a comfortable painting experience
  • Organizes your tools with openings for two screwdrivers, multi-purpose tool, cut-in tape and painters rag
  • For professional and do it yourself painters
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