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Bidafun Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

 The Bidafun Professional HD Camera Lens Kit is perfect for many different cell phones with a camera. It has an easy to clip on the lens that doesn't leave or ruin the phone, while gripping on. The product stays very strong and tight onto the phone, so there is also no way of it falling off or sliding while using the phone.
I love how easy it is to switch the two different lenses, as they are attached together and can easily twist off and twist on. One is a nice wide angle lens and the other is a macro lens Each is an excellent way to capture a new photo when placed on a smartphone. Plus, the entire kit comes with a pouch to travel. Also, for the protection of the lenses, there are lens covers for both. 
Finally, these are a great addition to any smart phone, camera phone, or even possibly a tablet! There is no damage from removing and placing on the device and it provides a new look to the photos you take instantly!
All fits into the bag for travel and storage
Product Information:
  • 2 in 1 HD lens with the macro lens and wide angle lens£¬take picture of small items in detail, take picture of buildings in wide ranges
  • You can also attach every 37MM Thread Digital SLR Pro Lens on the universal clip
  • HD Lens reduces glass flare and ghosting
  • Can apply to iPhone, HTC, Samsung, or any smart phone, iPad, Tablet
  • The Micro Len and the Wide Angle Len are fixed together in package and they can be separated
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