Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Crochet Block Bible by Luise Roberts and Heather Lodinsky

The book, The Crochet Block Bible by Luise Roberts and Heather Lodinsky is packed with wonderful square designs with lovely patterns and details inside. I really love making granny squares and find that it's very relaxing and can be used in many different creation, such as a blanket or bag. However, it does get boring to do the same simple pattern. Therefore, I was attracted by the idea of making blocks with interesting and eye catching designs.
Inside, there are so many different patterns, shapes and styles that can be created with a step by step illustrated guidance. Each of the crocheted items are simply illustrated and explained in great detail. Plus, for the amount of influencing designs inside, it really is considered to be a great crochet bible in my opinion! There are square designs for spiral blocks, octagon roses, lacy hearts, and those are just a few. Also, it uses real illustrations of crocheted yarn, no clip art or created image.  It's very simple to follow along, if your into crochet and have been use to reading patterns. I wouldn't say it's a perfect beginners guide, but perfect for the everyday or anyone who is use to crocheting with patterns. 
However, with that said, it still isn't a difficult book to read and really is inspiring with the detailed designs one can make and do to create some fun and exciting items for use. I could imagine making a pillow with the heart style design, using the blocking style or even if I don't want to keep with the square style, this book has examples of other shapes like triangles, snowflakes and even starts! So really this book isn't your squares only book, but a great way to create some shapes and add a little style to each thing you make with crocheting!
Finally, I would highly recommend this for anyone interested in doing a little new design to their crocheted blankets, bags or anything you love to create.  As this book is just an excellent spiral bound book to influence me to create something for my entire family!
Information About The Authors:
Luise Roberts worked as a book designer before starting to write on a broad range of craft subjects. She was taught to knit and sew at an early age and exhibited as an embroiderer before turning her attention back to knit and crochet. She lives and works in London.

Heather Lodinsky has been a professional knit and crochetdesigner for more than 20 years. Her designs have appeared innumerous magazines, and she is a freelance designer for major yarn companies. She teaches classes at her local yarn shop in Buffalo, New York.

Book Information:
Author: Luise Roberts
Author: Heather Lodinsky
Format: Wire Comb Bound, 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780785833314  
Publisher: Chartwell Book

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