Monday, May 23, 2016

Remiel 4.3 inch Foldable HD Rearview Monitor

Looking for a great monitor for the car? Well here is one by Remiel, which comes with a large, 4.3inch high-resolution screen. This fits perfectly with a car camera, as you attach it on to the yellow, white and red cords. There isn't much to set up, just plug and turn the device on. Plus, it's very nicely designed to fold down when not in use or being put away. The size is much bigger than most monitors and very nicely designed. You can easily store this in the glove compartment if you'd like, it's that small and very lightweight.
However, the visual is outstanding! If you want a clear view this device does a pretty good job getting you a true live image of what the camera is capturing. The LCD display and High Resolution on a large screen is very nice! So, all you need is to attach the camera and this monitor is ready to go!  

Product Information:
  • 180-Degree Adjustable is Safer When Driving and Foldable Design Can Better Protect the Screen Against Dust, Dirt, Bumps
  • High Resolution 16:9 4.3-inch TFT LCD Screen with Excellent Color
  • Universal Chipset that is Compatible with Both PAL and NTSC Video Systems
  • Built-in Smart Chipset Automatically Powers up Screen when Needed
  • Reliable and Friendly Customer Service: Ready to Respond within a 24 Hour Time
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