Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MissFine Unisex LED Sport's Shoes

The MissFine Unisex LED Sport's Shoes are excellent  sneakers that glow! Like a child, with shoes that light up in the dark or all day long, these do the same and are charged by a USB cord. Totally a new way with fashion! I love the color black, simple and matches everything, but when you step out for the night, incomes the bright light at every step. No one will miss you on the dark side of the road!
Charging cord inside and cords included to connect to a USB port for charging.
Comfortable fit
The comfort is excellent and so is the quality! It has all the included cords for charging, which can be done through a computer or external battery. Either way, they last pretty long and are very fun to wear! They come in other colors and as bold and rich in one color, they are sure to please! In colors of Gold, White, Silver and of course my choice the Black. These are nice for anyone, lady or man and have a bunch of sizes to choose from. The  light is super bright and comes on with 4 different modes, with 7 different colors. I think for a grown up pair of light up shoes, these are pretty sweet!
Product Information:
  • patent-leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Fit for men, women or couples, prefer as a gift, also benefit to buy!
  • USB rechargeable, easy charging with USB cable to computer or power bank for 3 hours and it can offer 8+ hours of glow time.
  • LED light in the sole comes in 7 colors change(red, green, blue, green, sky blue, purple, aqua) and 4 flashing modes. With around 2 seconds long press on the switch, the light will be off.
  • Package include 1 pair of shoes, 1 charging cable, but no charger; it can be charged by phone chargers which you use for charging your phones.
  • The exclusive right to sell of MissFine fashion Light Up shoe's items they belong to seller MissFine. MissFine is a  USA Registered Trademark. Make sure you buy from MissFine. IF you purchase here and receive products from other sellers, please help us report to Amazon Customer Service for Copyright Infringement of MissFine brand products.
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