Thursday, May 19, 2016

LotFancy Voice Recorder

The LotFancy Voice Recorder is nicely designed! It has a powerful battery, keeps the charge for 10 hours of recording. The LCD screen allows it to be seen through a dark room and lighted room. The size of the screen is also very large for an easy visual of what is being viewed and the chosen options. There are not many different buttons to use and so getting confused or lost while using this device is very low. I know if I had too many buttons to learn, it can be a bit confusing and difficult. However, this is made so much simpler with the red button for recording, the fast forward, backwards and play/pause easy to be seen with the symbols on the buttons.
Also, this design is voice activated, which it will record when sound is present and stop when there is none. Plus, for those who want to just listen to music, this niffty 
Voice Recorder can also be your MP3 Player, where all the music files you have can be downloaded right into the device. You do have enough space to hold many songs, with 8GB or recordings. The earbuds and power cord, which is a USB cord comes included with the LotFancy Voice Recorder
So pretty much when you buy this recorder, it's all set. The design quality is pretty nice, the sound comes out crystal clear just as you heard it during recording or where you recorded the message, and the visual on the screen is clear enough during day and night to see what is being chosen. Therefore, this is an excellent recorder, during any doctor visit, work meeting, school lectures, interviews, phone calls or anyplace you need to keep a recorded message.
Product Information:
  • HQ mode wav lossless recording and SP mode(192k bit 32K Hz,mp3 format) super long time recording
  • Voice activated and operated recording mode,landline telephone recording
  • LCD screen with backlight,low battery indicator
  • 280 mAh battery enable 10 hours recording or 12 hours playback times in a single charge
  • Repeat, all tracks, and A-B section replay,fast forward/ fast backward,USB flash disk function,Voice-activated option: With this option turned on, the recorder will start recording when sound is audible and pause when there's no sound,Can also be used as an MP3 music player. Just connect to your computer and copy your MP3 files to the recorder. Also plays WMA and WAV files

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