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LotFancy Auto Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The LotFancy Auto Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a perfect product for those who need to keep an eye on their blood pressure. Many doctors will recommend you to keep an eye if you have heart problems, which my grandma has had and is now in need of keeping an eye on her blood pressure before she takes the recommended medicine for the day.  Therefore, to have this in the home is not only good for those who have to check but even for those who work out and just want to live a healthy lifestyle!
Nice angle design, large visual screen and easy to see. Plus, it stays stable while in use.
This product is easy to use, has a very large digital LCD monitor display, and can be set with an alarm to get you to remember to check your blood pressure throughout the day. It also can remember up to 60 readings with the date and time, with the option to view the last 3 readings that you've just taken. Many older versions may just be good or monitoring and you'd need to keep a notepad handy to remember the recent blood pressure taken, but this actually will remember it for you and even better, it will actually detect and warn you of an irregular heart rate.

The version I have here is actually a medium cuff, but you can get it in a large one if needed. Either option has a very nice comforting cuff that velcros around the arm allowing you to begin with the press of the start button on the monitor.
The controls are simple, and the visual screen is large to see what the ending output will be. No matter the age, you would be able to use this by yourself and not have a difficult time to read or understand the machine. Of course, if you do have any issues with the device, remember to read the instructions for some more information. However, it's really easy to learn and so easy to use!
Finally with the LotFancy Blood Pressure Monitor, you get a perfect health tool at a great price! 

Product Information:
  • FDA approved and CE certified
  • Easy to use, with automatic inflation and deflation, automatic reading of blood pressure and heart rate
  • Big, easy-to-read LCD display,alarm clock can be set to ring at three different times in the day
  • Remembers up to 60 readings with date and time,optionally displays average of last 3 readings
  • Includes irregular heart rate detection and WHO blood pressure classification indicator
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