Monday, May 2, 2016

Jack & Rose - Rechargeable Grooming Clipper

The Professional Hair Shaver by Jack and Rose is very well designed and such a quiet shaver! The power is pretty good to get through small and long hairs, depending on what is needed to be clipped. There is a choice of length guards for the blade, allowing a choice between the length being clipped off.The  handle is nicely rounded and smooth, but easy to grip onto. I don't feel any problem with the clippers turned on and having it vibrate too much, that they slide right from my hands.
The hair, when clipped doesn't seem to get stuck after I've done a few passes on my friend's head. Though if any small or long hair does get caught or stuck, I simply use the mini brush that was included to help clean the blades for the next use or sooner. Now, when using a rechargeable product, I always found that the fully charged product runs at a better speed. Therefore, I made sure to charge it fully before beginning to try the Hair Shaver out.  
Now for the included accessories, you get a few different clipper combs, 4 in total and a small brush which is great for keeping the clippers clean and ready for every use afterwards. Plus, there is the charging cord and extra battery, which is very nice to have included with a product like this. Many don't offer an extra battery, so I do like that extra addition in this product! 
Also, what I first noticed with the grooming clippers is that this product is not super light, you can feel the quality when it's in your hands. The noise is so muted that you'll be able to trim the dog and not have him or her run away scared. The blades are sharp and easy to get through all types of hair. Plus the power is what really makes this device a wonderful tool in any professional salon or for home use!
Finally, I have to say that the battery stays pretty strong for the time it's being used. Lastly, the design of the clippers, with an angled head makes it easy to get the smallest hairs and easier to shave a person's head or pretty much can be used to shave a dog, by how quite and similar it is to a dog pair of clippers. Any which way the clippers are used, this is a really nice rechargeable pair of clippers by Jack and Rose.
Product Information:
  • Titanium + Nano-ceramic head design,strong and sturdy. No sensitive for skin
  • Powerful: Strong power Motor,9200 rev / min,no hair stuck
  • Safe:R-Obtuse angle design,no Scratch the skin
  • 3-6-9-12 mm comb attachments,0.8-2 mm adjustable head.
  • Professional Q-SUS noise reduction technology,about 60 decibels. Suitable for adults and children.
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