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Fats Are Good for You by Jon J. Kabara

The book, Fats Are Good for You by Jon J. Kabara is  easy to understand book on all the healthy and nutritious fats you need to survive. It's very straightforward and explains the benefits and negatives of having enough or not enough fat in the diet. There is plenty of topics covered and some that really might help improve the body to digest better, work and function better as well!

The funny part is that everyone thinks cholesterol and fat are a bad thing to have, but honestly, they really aren't! I learned about this also in the past and finding this book really helps cover the information I knew and learned. It definitely informs the reader about all the roles fat plays in the body and how there are certain types such as medium chain, good and bad fats as well as good and bad cholesterol. 
I never really turned away from having tons of eggs in the day or fatty meat(grass fed, organic) since it's good for the body and so much better than a piece of bread or bowl of cereal. I mean you can still enjoy those, but why not reduce the blood sugar rise by adding peanut butter to the bread and maybe some nuts to the cereal. However, the fat is added, this book explains how good it is for the body and what it prevents and provides. Plus, it also mentions the benefits of cholesterol too!

Therefore, I think this is a great book for those interested in understanding fat and what it can do for the body as well as how it is not as scary or a horrible choice to have added in any diet!
Information About The Author:
Jon J. Kabara is an emeritus professor at Michigan State University (MSU), where he helped establish the College of Osteopathic Medicine. A consultant to industry and government, he has been granted more than 16 U.S. and foreign patents. He lives in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Book Information:
Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: North Atlantic Books; 1 edition (January 29, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1556436904
ISBN-13: 978-1556436901
Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.8 x 9 inches

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North Atlantic Books- Fats Are Good for You How Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Actually Benefit the Body by Jon J. Kabara

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