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Bloggers Boot Camp by Charlie White and John Biggs

The book, Bloggers Boot Camp by Charlie White and John Biggs is a great beginners guide to blogging. It goes through all of the steps needed to write, get followers, and pretty much build up your blog to run successfully! The information is organized from beginning to end, so you're not going to lost or confused where to start.
I really enjoyed all the info, from understanding blogging and even on Vlogging, well how to create videos. You'll even get help on what to write about and how to pick a domain. There is just a bunch of everything in this book and like a real boot camp it will whip you into shape, giving you the information and startup you need to get going! Plus, how to get followers and build your blogs ranking.

I really feel this puts it in plain site, making it easy to navigate through blog creating and how to begin without the searching all over for the answers or asking someone else. Therefore, if anyone is starting out a blog and needs an idea on how to start or where to begin, this book will definitely help fill you in on all the necessary stuff needed! I would definitely read this book before any other when it comes to creating a blog and successfully growing with it!

Information About The Author:
Charlie White is an author and consultant who's been writing articles published in magazines and websites since the early days of the Internet. He's written for Wired and Popular Science magazines, was Senior Editor of Mashable, Senior Associate Editor for gadget site Gizmodo and Deputy Editor of NBC Universal tech site DVICE. He’s written more than 9,000 published articles, totaling more than 3 million words. Before he began writing magazine articles, blog posts and books, Charlie enjoyed a 30-year career as an Emmy award-winning television producer/director, directing five national television series for PBS

John Biggs writes about technology for the 46 million page-view-per-month website TechCrunch. He was a former editor of Gawker Media's Gizmodo. He has a Master’s Degree in Business and Economic Journalism from NYU and is currently completing a non-fiction study of Marie Antoinette’s watch (he’s also a watch nut). After spending four years as an IT programmer during the dot-com era, he became a full-time journalist. He’s the author of the book, Black Hat: Misfits, Criminals, and Scammers in the Internet Age.

Book Information:
April 28, 2014 
by Focal Press 
Reference - 184 Pages 
ISBN 9780415737142 - CAT# 125114

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