Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bleiou- Durable Mini Electric Aluminum Hand Drill

The Bleiou Mni Electric Hand Drill is an excellent little tool that can help me add tiny screws into wood, perfect for doll furniture and many other projects. It's got a nice rounded handle, giving you a nice way to grip on and steadily hold the device. While the power that you get allows you to easily put in some holes, unlike a manual hand drill this can easily get through items without too much effort on your behalf!
Attach the pieces together and ready to go.
Also, everything is included. You get exactly what you need to power the drill on and 
begin putting small precise holes into objects, with the brass drill chuck. It's portable, can be stored in a bag or case for anytime you need to use it and so easy to use!
Power switch on the back
Honestly, I love the simplicity of this tool making the drilling part so much faster and it's great for crafters! The size makes it very light weight and easy to use while the design is more comforting and simpler to hold steady. The many different uses can be for projects, hobbies and even repairing or fixing things. Plus, the quality in the power is really strong and can get through material such as wood, plastic, metal, acrylic and much more! So if you're looking for a quality Electric Hand Drill, then try Bleiou for a great deal and product!
Product Information:
100% brand new
Power Supply: DC5-12V, 4A
Size: 9cm * 2.2cm
Speed: 8000 r/min @5V, 10000 r/min @6V
Color : silver/blue random
Package Include: 
1x hand drill
1x Brass Drill Chunk with hex nut
1x AC/DC power adapter(US Plug) 

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