Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Anion Hair Straightening Brush with Misting Ionic Spray

The Anion Hair Straightener is such a wonderful brush! I love to iron my hair, but ever since I tried the brush method I just never rely on using a regular two metal plated iron. However, to take it up a notch! I am so happy to get even better and faster results with an Anion Hair Straightening Brush with the additional ionic frizz free benefits and the misting spray.
Many products come included with the ionic ability to help calm all frizzies in the hair, giving you smooth and silky hair. However, this brush has the additional ionic misting steam,  makes it easy to brush, detangle and get straight frizz free results at every past. It doesn't burn or pull the hair out, the brush easily glides through once set at the right temperature depending on hair type. Plus it heats up really quickly, allowing less time to wait and more time to brush, straighten and go!
The setup is very easy, just turn on the device and set the temperature. Next, you wait for it to quickly heat up to the set temperature and then you're ready to begin brushing. Take the Anion Hair Brush and pass it through the hair from top to bottom, in sections or how you would do with a normal brush. Pretty much, that is all you need to do. Its results end up being smooth, silky, shiny and healthy straight hair. 
Of course, it is said to work on all types of hair, which is why there is the heat setting. So no matter the type from thin to thick or curly to wavy, this should get the hair nice and evenly straighten without damaging or burning the scalp. That is one other thing I do love about the brush design, no burning. Sometimes with a regular iron, you can easily burn your head or hand if you touch the metal plates or anywhere near the iron's plates. However, the brush is safe to place all over your head and even touch the out portion because the heat is inside the top part of the brush, being distributed through every pass and making sure to detangle and evenly get every strand. That is what makes the brush method wonderful! It's safe and gives you fast results with less work.
Finally, this is a terrific straightening brush! I get great results every time and it's super simple to use daily if I want. Fast, easy and frizz free is the best thanks to the use of the Anion Hair Straightening Brush with Ionic Misting Spray!

Product  Information:
  • FAST - 10 times faster than flat irons.
  • SAFE - Anti-Scald design means no accidental burns
  • EFFECTIVE - Ionic spray leaves your hair straight with no frizz or static
  • QUALITY - Best designed and constructed hair straightener available
  • BEAUTY - Guaranteed to the best hair straightening brush or your money back
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