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Amulets Sacred Charms of Power and Protection by Sheila Paine

The book,  Amulets by Sheila Paine is packed with so many different charms and amulets used for protection and power. Many of which have been mentioned all over and found all over the world. A few in this book are ones so well known and each of them have great description, which explains the symbolism and purpose of them. It's very well illustrated and with over 400 photos in color, it's just a beautiful book!
Some of the information inside is explaining and sharing images of color, design, and detail to each amulet or piece mentioned. There seems to be more of a meaning with the material and product used to create the amulet then just the amulet alone. That is something I really got from this book, which I never thought about. So the use of eagle feathers, it protected warriors from bullets and make them better shooters. Also, peacock feathers were used for fertility and phoenix for protection against illness and misfortune. That is just a few, there is so much in this book taught, which is really awesome!
I really love the idea about amulets and understanding more, which is the reason I wanted to read this book! I notice from the past till now, amulets and charms are found and used by many. Therefore, I was pleased with the content inside this book! It's packed with the most known and even some I never really understood or heard of  charms and amulets that were seen as and used for protection and power.
However, this book is packed with information, great for  reference! The photos are brilliant and capture each of the charms perfectly! Plus, the description and details of each are very useful, especially if anyone may be studying or researching them. 
I think for an older book, this really packs in the most used and found charms and amulets around the world.
Information About The Author:
Sheila Paine is an expert on tribal societies and textiles and is the author of Embroidered Textiles: Traditional Patterns from Five Continents and the trilogy The Afghan Amulet: Travels from the Hindu Kush to Razgrad, The Golden Horde: Travels from the Himalaya to Karpathos, and The Linen Goddess: Travels from the Red Sea to Prizren. She lives in England.

Book Information:
Pages : 192
Book Size : 8.75 x 10.25
ISBN-13 : 9781594770258
Imprint : Inner Traditions
Release Date : September 20, 2004
Format : Paperback Book
Illustrations : 404 color and 27 b and w illustrations

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Innertraditions-Amulets Sacred Charms of Power and Protection by Sheila Paine

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