Tuesday, May 31, 2016

AFUNTA Mini Handheld Microphone

The AFUNTA Mini Handheld Microphone provides terrific recording capabilities, canceling out any noise around. I can use this to video chat and speak on my smartphone, my tablet and even use it with my PC. It's great for recording YouTube videos or any other!
The small design, allows it to be simple to handle with a long enough cord to hold or move the microphone to a specific area on a desk. The entire kit comes with the microphone mini, the stand which is a really nice and sturdy, the adapter for the smartphone and tablet connecting and lastly the microphone sponge. Practically, it's all you need to begin using the microphone. Just begin by plugging it in and you're ready to go!
Adjustable stand 
I love the simplicity of this microphone, nothing to set up and can be used on all devices. So if you are interested in having some top notch recordings, a product that can be used in multiple devices, and can also be used in many types or recordings then this is a great product to invest in! Plus, it's less than 10 dollars and has free shipping. So it's not much to get this wonderful microphone home.
Product Information:
  • Perfect for Facebook, Whatsapp, QQ, MSN, SKYPE internet chat, podcast, singing, speech, recording or more.
  • With 3.5mm jack, easy to use, play directly to you PC, use the U shape adapter to applied on laptop, tablets, smartphones.
  • Comes with a microphone stand,sponge and U shape adapter for connecting on your mobile devices like smartphone,tablet and etc.
  • Mini and portable size, sleek and compact design, simply plug in and play.
    • Note: only applied on Apple device with Monitor function.

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