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YDP-SPORT Sport Action Camera Full HD 2.0 Inches Screen

The YDP-SPORT Sport Action Camera is very well designed to fit in the palm of your hands! The small camera can take a great shot and recording of the landscape you are focusing on. No matter the area or weather, this camera is protected to take great photos just like
viewing it in person. That is how well this HD works on the camera. Plus, you won't need to worry about the shaky hand problem, with this camera it stays stabilized. 
Therefore, if your known to be very shaky or have attached the camera to a moving object, there won't be any issue with the camera shaking when you review the recording. The only object that would be moving is what the camera had taken while you are doing some type of stunt, action movie, or pretty much anything.
Just like getting those excellent mounts for the head, the body, the dog, and so many others, there will be no visual of the camera moving around or looking shaky. That is one part I love about an action camera, it always comes out with high-quality images and makes you appear like a professional video recorder.

Now the YDP-SPORT Action Camera is designed in a rectangular shape, small and has a non-slip exterior around the camera. This makes it easy to travel with, protects it from falling or easily slipping out of your hands. Plus, the case that is included, keeps the camera protected from the harsh weather, the area you are recording at, and even from falling or anything that may occur. It's totally secured in the case, with no way for water or dirt to get inside.  Also, the camera comes with a 170-degree wide angle lens. This can really be helpful to capture a larger surrounding. So really it's a nicely designed action camera and with a few buttons to use, makes it easy for anyone to learn and understand.
There are a few things that this camera has that might be a bit different to many others on the market, is the 2-inch screen. It's a great way to review and actually view in live time the action while recording or photo taking.
It's so much bigger than many and I find it easier to get a view of what is occurring than with a smaller screen. The second change from the many on the market is that this camera has the capability to connect with your phone or tablet through Wi-Fi. It allows you to review the recording on those devices and even share with others who have the app on their phone.  The other benefit is that this camera includes a few accessories. So you don't need to run out and get some mounting pieces since it's in the box with the camera. However, a case may be a good thing to buy, protection for the camera and the accessories are always a good thing to have. Plus, you can also get a memory card 8GB - 32GB, to use this camera. Also, the additonal face plaes of pink, gold, yellow, white and few more are even better addition!
Finally, the quality of image, sound and the YDP-SPORT Camera is extremely excellent! I love it since it came to my house. There was no problem starting it up and recording some great shots outdoors!
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Product Information:
  • Mounting your camera: professional digital video recording and photo shooting action camera, can be attached to bicycles, cars, helmets, or underwater equipment, allowing your shooting at any time and place
  • Equipped with strong, waterproof case, allowing you take pictures or videos underwater with a depth of 30 meters. This camera comes with WiFi function, used for live preview, photo playback, sharing of selected content and more; Phones or tablets with ISO8, Android 4.0 or above can download Ez iCam App from Google Play or Apple Store to take full control of your camera
  • Camera up to 1080P 30fps and 720P 60fps, boasting an immersive 170° wide-angle lens.Get into the details with high-definition video, super view video. Be able to capture the world's most immersive wide-angle perspective
  • Compatible with 8GB,16GB,and 32GB capacity MicroSD, MicroSDHC, and MicroSDXC memory cards, making sure the MicroSD card with class 10 speed rating for maximum reliability in high vibration activities
  • When taking photos, you can switch between single photo, burst photo(3 photos), time lapse(2s/3s/5s/10s/20s/30s/60s as you set) and continuous shooting. It has a time/date stamp (imprint) on the video which you can turn off if you like
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