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The Encyclopedia of Healing Points by Roger Dalet, M.D.

The book, The Encyclopedia of Healing Points by Roger Dalet, M.D. is packed with helpful healing treatments with acupoint, that can be used to fix and heal the many different problems we face. Some are well-known health issues that can be fixed such as the cold, toothache, sore throat and tonsillitis, mumps, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, stiff neck, shoulder pain and so much more! There is an easy to follow guide inside on each, helping you fix and feel better with touching the points recommended. 
I love that the photos walk me through the steps and where to locate each spot. There is a first option and even a second one if needed. Some which can seem strange, how one area far from the problem is what will cure or fix the issue. However, this book really covers it all and honestly I haven't tried one yet but was interested with the natural healing that you can do with your hands. Plus, if you see the list of problems fixed, it's something worth reading and finding if these points can really help cure and fix the issue.
I think it's a great book, nicely designed and easy to follow! Not only is it perfect for one person, but can be used on many and easy to learn. Finally, I think as far as I've read, it's an excellent guidance and very well written with material worth trying!
Information About The Author:
Roger Dalet, M.D., is a renowned acupuncturist in France and is a doctor on staff at several hospitals. He has written a number of books on this subject, including several translated into English. He lives in France. 

Book Information:
Pages : 288
Book Size : 8.00 x 10.00
ISBN-13 : 9781594773358
Imprint : Healing Arts Press
Release Date : August 20, 2010
Format : Paperback Book
Illustrations : Full-color throughout

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Innertraditions- The Encyclopedia of Healing Points The Home Guide to Acupoint Treatment by Roger Dalet, M.D.

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