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Parateck - Pet Grooming Tool Reduces Dogs Shedding Hair

The Parateck Pets Dog Brush is perfect for my long hair Chihuahua! It allows me to remove all the excess hair that is falling off of her and leaves my home, less hairy from what she does drop. It's always a good thing to keep the dog well groomed and after taking the course and getting a certificate in Pet Grooming, I know how very good it is to keep up with the coat of the dog. So I am proud to say this is a really nice product.
The handle is comfortable to grip, with a nice length to handle. Its brush part is a perfect width and can remove so much hair from the dog easily. Of course, making sure the dog is brushed first is always a good thing. Next, I'll use this Deshedding brush and go through my dog's coat and remove the hair that is falling out. 
What I love about the product is that the blade comes apart and allows me to clean it easily. So no wasted time on cleaning out the brush. All I can say is that this is a wonderful tool to own for Pet Grooming and a high-quality product!
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Product Information:
  •  Non-slip rubber grip - Even your hands in wet conditions, you can also easily grasp!
  •  Straight Line Blade - More suitable for the dog hair, blade is not sharp, protect your pets from hurt during hair brushing.
  •  Removable Blades - Very easy to remove and clean. (the blades for brush only, not for cut the hair.)
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