Monday, April 18, 2016

OSAYDE Minidx3 Credit Card Reader

The OSAYDE Minidx3 Credit Card Reader is a nifty device, used to access and collect data from cards. I use mine to read all types of cards to keep on file, with my computer.
The USB is all that I need to do to get the device to connect. Of course, many come with a driver, but this version actually allows you to plug and play. 
The device allows for the owner/user to set up a password, auto power off and pretty much choose how they want the device to be setup. Plus, the ability to allow it to read ISO format. I do enjoy that the mini card reader is just that, small and portable! It's easy to carry along, take it to the computer you plan to work with it on, and can be used for multiple types of cards.
Just think of it as the card swiper you use to access a room, use to buy food or items at the store with or even use to read identity like in the military or VA. 
There really isn't anything difficult about this card reader by OSAYDE, as it works easily when plugged in and a card is passed through. Plus, it's able to read the card up or down, no matter which way you swipe it through. The process of setting it up is just simple enough for anyone to use right from the box. You do have included is a CD for the software to use with the Minidx3 Credit Card Reader, the Card Reader, USB Cable, Cleaning Card and a rope to hold the device on.

Product Information:
  • It is the smallest Portable Reader Collector in the World, can read any 300-4000 oe(Lo-co and Hi-co) Mag.card.But it is refined and updated Minidx3,more human-friendly and faster than before !
  • Ideal choice for any movable data collection (Trade shows, Racing events), Point of sales (Credit card data collection), Attendance (Student ID, Membership card), Law enforcement (DMV card) and so on.
  • 3-track version can collect all three tracks data, Time stamp shows date and time with every transaction. OSAYDE Minidx3 provide one year warranty. FCC, CE standard.
  • Password Protection defends user, Auto Power Off is set by user, Transfer data to MSR206 and MSR606 directly
  • Data downloadable to the computer via USB, Bi - Directional, Battery powered and low battery indicated, Read ISO format and special format are available upon request No programming required, easy to use.

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