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Ocathnon Salon Steam Infusion Straightening Iron

The Ocathnon Salon Steam infusion Straightening Iron is one device that can get my curly, frizzy hair to be straight and smooth fast! I love how nicely designed the comb style design is,
it's like a brush, comb, and iron in one. You still have the flat iron design, but with a comb inside. Each tooth of this comb, allows the hair to be detangled while the iron's heat straightens each strand. Therefore, less time having to pass it through my hair or brushing each section over again to make sure it's perfectly detangled before using.
Water insert on the bottom of the Iron.
Use the bottle(included) to fill the small piece up, so you can use the steam feature.
Comb style brush inside helps detangle and allows for an even ststraighten of each strand.
The other bonus with this device is the steam infusion, which many don't include! The product allows for a burst of steam which you add water inside the device for. It actually gives the hair moisture during the ironing process. So not only will the hair become straight and shiny smooth, but it will also stop the fly-aways, reduces the static electricity and even prevents frizzies from occurring. Plus, it won't damage the hair!
Of course, the Ocathnon Straightening Iron has an option of 5 heating selections for all types of hair and it takes seconds to reach the target heat setting you can decide on.  One of the nifty features, which actually is great for anyone who might forget to shut the device off is the automatic shut off feature. this actually allows the device to turn off without you having to press a button. So in case, it's left on and forgotten and you're nowhere to be found. The device will turn off by itself, saving your electric bill from being higher and safety from anything that might come in contact with it or cause damage. However, if you do turn the device off, it will actually tell you it's off, making it simple to know for sure. ☺
Finally, I think for an iron which has these added benefits it's totally something that has to be tried! There also is a few color options, which is cool and the device itself is lightweight you can take it anyplace. It's not a giant iron, pretty much a normal size compared to many brush types and the best feature with many irons and electrical heating tools is the 360-degree swivel cord. So moving around with this device and not having to get tangled up is always a check plus in my books of wonderful hair tools!
Product Information:
  • New generation Salon Steam Hair Straighten Tool- Fasten Ceramic-Coated Hair Comb with Removable water reservoir, Simply fill the removable water reservoir and pop into place for up to 15 minutes of hair-conditioning steam, Conditioning steam helps add moisture and shine to hair while you straighten your hair, reducing the static electricity that dulls hair and causes flyaway's and frizzes.
  • A Digital Hot Hair Brush with Variable temperature-5 settings: 150℃-230℃(302°F- 446°F) to suit different hair types and different degrees of hair sensitivity. 70~ 100 second to heat up 190 ℃(374°F)
  • Magic Electric Hair Styling Comb with intelligent Lock Design -The default temperature is 190 ℃(374°F) when you press the power button and then the temperature stays in 190 ℃(374°F), it will be blocked in a few seconds, you can long press any of the button to unlock it and press "+/-" button to adjust the temperature.
  • Electronic temperature control, easy to operate -- Start Up this Electric Hair Styling Double Plates Comb by Pressing on the Power button for Three Seconds. Shift the Metric Mode from Celsius System to Fahrenheit Degree Freely just by Pressing the Steam button for Seconds. The temperature will Drop after 20 Minutes' Operation. And this Steam Straightening Brush Clip will Shut Down Automatically after Stop Using for 1 Hour.
  • Suggestion and Note-Use professional Hair Care Essential Oil on your hair Before Styling and this will get the Salon Result. And not touch the brush or back plate with skin while using it, or you may burn yourself.
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