Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lady Up - Hair Straightener Brush

The Hair Straightener Brush by Lady Up is terrific for frizz free and straight hair, without the need of a product or fearing to burn one's self on the edges. I love how easy I can just brush through my hair and end up with gorgeous straight hair. It's like as simple as brushing my hair with a brush. The comb and brush part actually detangles my hair. Therefore, I have no need to brush my hair before or during use. 
On the brush is an LCD display that shows the temperature, which is up to the person to choose. So if you have thinner hair or thicker hair, than just decide on the heating temperature and your set. All you do is wait for the tool to heat up, which is quick! Next, just begin brushing your hair, that's it. Very simple and fast.  Only three buttons to power on and off, and decide on the temperature with the plus or minus buttons, which let you go up or down.
Finally, the results are great and it's so simple to use! Plus gloves for protecting your hands, while using.

Package Included: 
1x Hair Straightener 
1x US Standard Adapter
1x User manual
2X Heat Ressistant Glove

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