Saturday, April 23, 2016

JoyPlus 360 Degree Action Camera with 16GB Micro SD Card

The JoyPlus 360 Action Camera is one of the coolest designed cameras I've ever tried! The yellow round camera has the capability to capture a full 360-degree view of anywhere it's being placed. You can actually take a long recording, which I love since it is including a 16 GB Micro SD Card or just a regular photos. Either way, this small device will capture the moment with crystal clear, HD imagery. Just think, it appears as if you're looking right at the action as it's being performed in front of you!
I do like that this includes an app, which works with my phone. You can connect it together, allowing the ability to view and share the recording or photos on to Twitter or even Facebook. There are so many modes to choose from, which you can share even some funny, creative, and fun looking images as well as recordings with the world if you'd like or just friends. 
Top Lens View
Bottom View
One thing I don't fear when using this JoyPlus Camera is the control buttons. There is a total of 6, which might seem like a lot. However, each is able to control a certain function than many piled on one button. You have the WiFi button, giving you access with your phone/tablet. Then if you want you can choose photo or video mode. Also, there is a button to change the mode of the camera from Fisheye, Panorama, Planet, Hemisphere or VR mode. Finally, the last two is the shutter and below that is the power button. 
The back has the doorway for the memory card, HDMI cable, and charging USB cord. Plus, above
the doorway is the mounting hole, to be place don a tripod.
So it's not so bad when it comes to working the camera. It may take time, to understand how to use the camera. However, it doesn't seem to bad after you understand the buttons, read the directions and sync up the phone(included in the directions on how to). The results I think is the most important piece of this device. Not that it can take a large viewing of the area I'm at and what I'm doing, but that it can take clear and beautiful pictures that are share worthy! So yes, that I think is my best reason to buy this camera, it's results are terrific! Plus, it includes a 16GB memory card and is super portable, something that fits right in my bag and can go anyplace.
Accessories Included
Product Information:
  • 360 World: A 360 camera that can shoot both still images and videos. It allows you to enter the 360 world and capture a perfect 360-degree shot - a pleasant experience for the user to have more fun in 360 world
  • Available Now: The latest app users can edit and upload their videos to social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. Multiple modes: Share your happiness in the social media in Fisheye, Panorama, Planet, Hemisphere or VR mode
  • Excellent Portability: This pocket camera is lightweight at 77g and small at 43mm (W) x 50mm (H) x 50mm(L). Basically, it allows for great flexibility of use due to its size. Built-in wifi allows for your shooting everywhere
  • Real-time in-camera Stitching and Streaming: The camera does not require using an extra tool to stitch the image together. It is done in-camera. Only download the free app, and the result can be viewed real-time on mobile devices via iOS and Android apps by streaming it over its built-in Wi-Fi
  • Bonus: There comes with a 16GB micro memory card for more fluent use(Please insert the card when in use). A lens cleaning cloth. And a little bag for taking the camera to travel. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this camera

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