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IrresistibleMe Hair Accessories

I have a new favorite shop called IrresistibleMe. This store has so much glamor for all hair styles, from accessories to tools to even extensions! Plus, it's an online shop, which means they ship to you without you leaving the house! Wonderful Right!

I was lucky enough to try out four beautifully designed hair accessories by IrresistibleMe. This is actually a new line they have, from the other products they sell. Below I have the four items I really found to be stylish and perfect for myself. However, all of the products they sell are really nice and fashionable for any woman.
The Isis Headband includes a lovely pearl and floral design. I first saw the pearls as each center of the flower and was just in love! I always enjoy a pearl necklace from time to time
or earrings, which is something I often wear. However, to top my head with flowers and pearls just is divine. 
The silver, crystals and white pearls make this such a lovely accessory for any special occasion, especially at a wedding. I could see a flower girl or even the bride herself wearing this piece.
Though, there are so many reasons I'd wear this and even on any regular day, not just a special occasion.  I do have to point out, the decorative piece on top is on one side. Not centered perfectly and not covering the entire band. However, that is what really made this headband from IrresistibleMe even more wonderful! I would rather see it in the mirror and have it frame a side of my face. Since the top, I feel never really gets seen only if you're sitting down or someone may be taller than you. Even so, I do enjoy viewing it on an angle and getting to see the entire design, once it's in my hair and out.
The Clara Bobby Pin is such a cute pink and bow design that simply slides right into my hair. The simple style makes it perfect for any day, any reason, and any occasion. I absolutely love bows and the color pink! Right off the bat, I can tell you the color pink always was a perfect match for my skin tone and I always loved that about pink. So I knew this was something I wanted to try.
The bobby pin actually isn't a simple metal piece but instead, it's decorated with mini pearls, which gives it an even more elegant and fancy style. Plus, the bow on bow design is adorable. For any lady, this would be a cute addition to all hair types. I find it especially lovely as a side decoration. However, it can be used in any way. 
The Ariana Hairband is so cute and stylish with the dragonflies all designed with aqua rhinestones. They just pop and shimmer throughout the day, indoor and even outdoor light. I really just can't stop admiring the headband in the mirror, it's just eye capturing.
Again, the angle design is one of my favorites and allows the focus to be just on the side, which is more viewable than the entire head. I enjoy the thickness and the metal wire style design. It's not too heavy or tight and doesn't slide off easily. However, the decorative design on this hairband is just stunning and perfect for any type of party, event or just for every day. I can see myself wearing this any day of the week, it's just so beautiful and if you love dragonflies, then this would go perfectly for your collection and style.
The Serena Headband has adorable pinkish/purple flowers, which are heavenly! I love the roses and the floral style crystals beside them. It's just something I wouldn't find at any local retail market. The band, of course, a perfect width while the decoration is positioned on the side. Each of the three flowers is so evenly placed and similar.
What really attracted me to this beautiful piece is the lovely roses. They reminded me a pair of earrings I own, but on a hairband. Plus, then I noticed the beautiful crystal leaves and floral decoration, which makes it shimmer and look more in cost than it really is. I do enjoy shiny, pink and floral designs, which just works with my style. So this is something I can see wearing all the time, especially for parties. It's truly a piece that will have many asking, "where did you get that"!

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