Saturday, April 16, 2016

Gskyer Refractor Telescope

 The Gskyer Refractor Telescope with Tripod is a perfect size for on a table or desk. It's not super huge and very easy to carry with the included bag. I don't have much space in my home. So to have a telescope that doesn't take up much space and yet has the ability to be strong and durable and shows a great visual of objects far away is excellent! I love how clear the lenses are on this telescope, I can see the trees from the tippy-top and easily capture a glimpse of a bird, up in the air. There isn't any foggy or blurry interrupting my view while looking into the lens. The eyepiece is angled just right, allowing for an easier way to view through the Gskyer Telescope without having to bend or position my head a certain way. I love that I can even use this sitting or standing. However, it's an excellent design and a nice color.
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Bag included for storing and taking along anyplace.
Can be stored in the bag, with velcro to keep it seprated from moving all over.
The tripod, which is included and holds the Gskyer perfectly, is easy to maneuver and sturdy enough to keep hold of the telescope in an upright position without tipping. I also enjoy that the bag, for travel is included with the product. It's a nice black and durable bag, able to hold the tripod and telescope together. Plus, all I need to do is fold the telescope and tripod to fit into the bag. It's easy and not difficult at all!
For a great view of the night sky or day. a nice design, and a real telescope (not cheaply made or easily broken), this is just wonderful! I am proud to have had a chance to try this version and love using it daily!
Adjustable Tripod
Product Information:
  • Style: 60AZ Refractor,Aperture:60mm(2.4").ActualFocal Length:350mm+50mm power refractor telescope, Rack-and-Pinion Focuser & Altazimuth mount with a slow motion control rod for precision tracking means you can easily track objects day or night
  • Multilayer Glass Green coated optics for enhanced image brightness,protect your eyes
  • Free includes 2 separate Interchangeable eyepieces give you variety for any viewing situation and 3x barlow lens doubles the magnifying power of each eyepiece, as Left Pictures Show
  • Includes erecting eyepiece, A90° diagonal, moon filter , Astronomy Software and a sturdy adjustable Aluminium Alloy tripod with accessory tray
  • Warranty:1-year limited lifetime warranty

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