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EBK New Automatic Professional Hair Curling Curler Curl Iron Tool Wave Machine

The EBK New Automatic Professional Hair Curling Curler Iron is a terrifically easy way to put curls into any type of hair! It's simple, fast and allows for lasting curls/waves as tight or loose as you like. I mean you can have corkscrew curls instantly with this device. It all depends on how long it's held in the machine, which it easily can be set.
What I love is that this does work for all types of hair textures. It's not only for certain types or sizes. I mean, if you have short chin length hair and if you have super long hair you can use this!
Curling Barrel
The design makes curling super easy, with the big front curling barrel, it automatically takes in the hair giving you an instant curl. You can start from any part of the hair, tip or top. Then allow the machine to do the rest. There are a few buttons to set, which allow for the temperature choosing, the time to keep your hair held in the machine, left, auto, or right curling option and the power button.
LCD display screen and buttons for heat option, timer, power button and Left
Right or Automatic curl mode
Once you turn the EBK Curling Iron on, you choose the temperature. Decide which would be best for the hair type you have, then choose the option of the lowest setting which is either 140 degrees Celsius all the way to 230 degrees Celsius. Then you would choose the left, right or auto for the curls, which the auto gives you a mix between left or right. The last step is the timing set for the hair curl you really desire. It comes with a few second-time choices, either 8 seconds for big wavy curls, 10 seconds for medium wavy, 12 seconds for soft medium curls and 15 seconds for tighter curls.
360 degree rotating cord
Now that is pretty much all you need to do and the machine does the rest. Inserting the hair in the front and allowing it to give you instant curls fast! Plus, heating up with the EBK Curler is super fast and allows for my hair to be done faster than waiting for it to get hot. I do have to point out the color is very nice, but also comes in either pink, white, black, blue as I have and gold.
How to use the machine
Finally, the device has a nice LCD display for viewing the temperature and settings, the timing is easier than I having to keep count, and the quality is excellent with wonderful results! It's a product worth trying and so easy to use!

Product Features:
1.LCD display, simple and convenient operation
2.Time setting 8-15s, different curling effect
3.Temperature setting 140-230℃, suitable for different hair quality
4.Powerful heating system, ready to use in seconds 
5.Curl direction control for either a uniform or natural finish(Right/Left/Auto)
6.On/off switch and auto shut off
7.360°rotary power cord, easy to curl
8.High effective motor, stable, low noise, long lifespan
9. Hair Curler Color available : Pink, white, black, gold, blue

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