Monday, April 18, 2016

BLUEHRESY CT30 Mini 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

The BLUEHRESY CT30 Mini Portable 1D Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner is a wireless device that can scan like any normal gun, handheld scanner. This is a lot smaller, fits in the hand nicely, and looks like a small remote control. The buttons are on top while the scanner's light is on the front portion of the device. It really will give you the exact results is a normal large gun style, library or even grocery store designed scanner. However, with the small style, it can travel easier.
Plus, this is a Bluetooth, a wireless device that can connect to a phone, tablet, and even a PC instantly. No long or frustrating downloads and drivers. You just insert the Bluetooth USB piece into the computer or sync it up with the Bluetooth name that appears, while searchingon the phone and/or tablet. Afterward, you can easily scan any and as many barcodes from all different products. Some of these could be books, electronics, food UPC codes, shipping labels, and pretty much so many different items with the UPC bar codes.
So if it's keeping count of the item stock or what item you have in your collection or sold, then this is a handy device to own. It will keep things listed and organized. I truly love this not for selling products, which is coming soon, but to set up my inventory of items I have and keep an eye on the products I do have and don't. If I do go ahead and sell one, at least I'll know if there are any extras left or if it's totally cleared from my collection/inventory.
Now a few extra features that this wonderful device includes is that  it can save scans up to 10,000 barcodes offline reading, Bluetooth and wireless, supports a few different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian), Battery powered(2 double A included), and suitable for a Windows PC, Android or iOS system. Finally, this is such a small and well-designed device. Can scan many different codes and is super portable. I love the lightweight feel, the simple remote style and scan, and lastly the ability to use it with my phone or tablet.
It works great and I think it's something new and different that might make working with barcodes daily or weekly a bit easier!

Product Information:
  • Can read Fedex ,USPS,DHL,UPS barcode. Internal memory of 256 KB. With 10,000 barcodes off-line reading and saving mode.
  • Bluetooth wireless connection mode. Max distance for wireless is 10 meters. Both modes support 64-bit barcode reading. Support HID mode and SPP scanning mode.
  • Great for Inventory checking, off-line saving date quick upload and uploading statistics. Supported languages: English / French / German / Spanish / Italian.
  • 4.User-friendly design. LED lighting and sound indication with power and operating. Drop test passed for 5ft/ 1.5m height. 5 years of lifetime. 2 pcs of AA battery and charger included. It can work for 10 days when fully charged.
  • Suitable for laptop , PC, mobile phone and tablet. Compatible withWindows XP/7/8/10/Mobile 6, Android, iOS system.

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