Monday, April 18, 2016

A Simple Hair Style with Accessories!

I always find days that I'm not really inspired to do anything with my hair, so I braid it back or put it into a bun. However, sometimes I want to get all fancy and glamorous and decide to add curls, straighten or even just have my hair half up and down with waves. Either way, I just try my best to look dashing!

Now, many times I find that it may be difficult to get ready or have time to do my hair if I've got so many things happening. I never realised how much time I don't have till I got older and had more I needed to take care of. So from time to time, I would do my hair in one of the simple looks. I would possibly do a simple bun and position it on the side of my instead of just straight back or take my favorite braid look and add it to the side as well. I think it makes the look a bit different than the simple one-way style. 
Now I do love to add one more step to this routine. After, having my hair done in either style, I will let it stay that way for an hour and where ever I'm at I'll start taking out the braid, or unroll the bun. This will help me get a wavy and freer style looks like I took the time to use an iron or heating tool do get the results. It even works after washing the hair and letting it stay put in a braid and revealing a wavy look.
Though if I want to make it even more, glamours. I love to add a few favorite accessories. One, in particular, is this beautiful bow design known as, Clara Bobby Pin by IrresistibleMe. I actually found this to pair perfect as a side addition to any hair style, adding glamour without all the work! Plus, a few hair bands or other accessories would also be an excellent addition as well.  
These just give me a stylish look, without wasting so much time to get ready. Therefore, even a simple style can be flattering at less time any day!

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