Wednesday, March 30, 2016

UPmagic- New Generation Cordless Pet Grooming Kit

The New Generation Cordless Pet Grooming Kit is a terrific clipper when you want to really have a nice and even groomed dogs, especially on long haired dogs! The clippers aren't super loud and won't scare the dog. However, the way these are designed allows the blade to clip the hair, no matter the long strands and length.

I've had in the past a pair that didn't even get through my dogs coat. Instead, I ended up trimming her hair with a pair of scissors instead. However, with this product allows me to easily comb through and trim the hair or clip the parts that need to be clipped farther down, without it getting stuck, tugging or not doing anything. 
I must say, the rechargeable battery, for 2 hours of time to use is pretty awesome! No more batteries wasted, I get strong and a powerful pair of clippers every time I need them. The LCD display is easy to read and I can notice if the device is fully charged or not. Plus, handle, is nice and thick, for a strong grip and allows me to direct it any which way, without the vibrations causing a problem to clip my dog evenly. 
Also, a few other great features of this product is the wide head clippers, which can take off quicker and still allow me to do some precise cutting. There also is the cordless design, the strong power to cut all types of dog hair and the charging protection, so if I forget to unplug the device, it won't get destroyed. 

Finally, this is such a wonderful pair of Clippers by New Generation. It works great and my long hair chihuahua doesn't get scared to get her hair cut.

Product Information:
1.Wide and narrow blade
2. Lithium battery inside the clipper offers long-term use power.
3. Proper for Heavy Duty work
4. Led light to remind power consumption