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The Complete Book of Photography by Chris Gatcum

The book, The Complete Book of Photography by Chris Gatcum is an excellent guide into the world of Photography! Everything is pretty much covered inside this large and fully illustrated book. Plus, the photos are so large and beautiful! The information you'd find inside will be covering such topics such as the different types of cameras, lenses, filters and accessories, exposure, light and lighting, flash, composition, color, workflow, retouching, black and white, and printing. I think the  book really does a great job covering each topic and filling each section with information on all things that you will need to understand and know about. 
One thing I found useful is that when you do want to learn about a certain topic, for example, I am always interested about filters and want to learn more about them. So I would go to that chapter, which is chapter 3 page 86 and then I would find everything about filters in that one section. I don't have to search the book for the information someplace else because it's going to be located in the area like the rest of the topics. So when I do go to that section of this book, I can find information on all different filter types such as polarizing filters, neutral density filters, UV and Skylight Filters and that is just a few. Plus, what each filter is used for and the sizes. Now, that is just some of their information, which there is so much more information broken down covering each filter and the many options from within those choices. Though, this is this just one part covered inside the book. There are so many more topics, which are fully complete with information that one will need to understand, and this goes for each topic in the book!
Here is another example, the different types of cameras found in the first chapter. This topic covers every camera, not just DSLR or point-and-shoot. There is even a part covering the camera on a phone. You get visuals of the cameras and information about design and what they can do. Therefore, you're not going to lost when it comes to buying or using your cameras.
Finally, I wouldn't turn away from this book, with the beautiful photos and the well-organized information throughout. It's just perfect for a beginner, student, or anyone would need to get to understand photography and the different materials you may need to know to take wonderful photos.
Information About The Author:
Chris Gatcum is a photographer, journalist, and author. He has been a technical writer for the UK’s longest-standing photography magazine, Amateur Photographer, and his books include Camera Creative, Light & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos, and Landscape Photography: The Four Seasons.

Book Information:
Publisher: Ammonite Press (October 1, 2015)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 1.4 x 9.8 inches
Pub date: September 2015
ISBN-13: 9781781451052
Author: Consultant Editor, Chris Gatcum
Price: $45.00
Binding: HB with jacket
No. of pages: 448
Photos: Includes 850 photographs
Dimensions: 9-3/4 x 9-3/4
Color: Full color throughout

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