Friday, March 11, 2016

SweetLF Reversible USB to Double-sided Micro USB Charging Cable

The SweetLF Reversible USB Cord is an excellent charging cord with a nice design! I love that it's a rope style cord, which gives this product a stronger and safer design for bending and moving any which way. I honestly go through cords quickly and the rope is the only ones that last for me. It is more protected in my opinion. 
However, the entire charging cord by SweetLF is very sleek in the silver/grey color with the simple two way USB ends. That's what makes this different and very easy to plug and charge. Many cords include just one way plugins, but this cord is able to be plugged into any micro ended phone or tablet and the same with the other side, without being turned or reminded that its only able to be used on one side. 
I believe it makes charging so much easier, less time to think and more time to plug and go! Plus, it still charges fast as most of the newer cords provide for devices. Therefore, with the long length to this cord, the simple plugin and charge capability and the lovely color I feel this is a terrific product to replace a cord that needs replacing. It's like an upgrade from the one the product comes with!

Product Information:
  • Double-sided USB and Micro USB plug, allow you to plug it in either direction, upside down or right side up, very convenient.
  • Ultra strong and flexible nylon braided tangle free cable (1 Meter in length), no damage or weakening after over 30,000 times swing test.
  • Built with high quality nylon fiber jacket provides higher durability and increased flexibility.
  • Compatible with (But Not Limited To) Micro USB devices, such as Samsung HuaWei Sony HTC Nokia LG HP, Not Compatible with Apple Devices.
  • This 2.0 USB cable has precision connectors and twisted-pair construction to ensure high-speed (480-Mbps) and error-free data transfer from Micro-USB phones, tablets and other Micro-USB devices.
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