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R for Programmers by Dan Zhang

The book, R for Programmers by Dan Zhang is a perfect guide for those interested in programming with R. It's packed with useful material and helpful guidance through the programming with R and what it can be used for. You will even learn how to download the program and the different packages, using format R to format codes, understand the server of R, and much more!

It's a really good book for students or teachers who want to teach or learn about R, Software Engineers, DBA with database background, Data Scientists, and those in Scientific Research. Plus, it ends up being a great reference to look back into whenever needed. However, it's perfect for anyone interested in R and programming with it. 
I just was curious about R and so that is what really brought me to taking a look in this book. Since I do like the idea of coding and understanding it, I figure learning about R might be something of interest. It really isn't a difficult book to read, since it's all in order and easily able to perform the task inside the book. There are plenty of examples and visual guidance. So I just follow the book and get the results to appear on my computer as it does in the book.
The book is broken down into 4 sections, which makes it easy to understand. From chapters 1-3 of installing and different packages used with R will be explained. in Chapter 4-5, introduction to the communication of R and other program languages and applications. The third is about R and various database communications as well as R's integration with Hadoop, that would be chapters 6-7 and last the fourth section will complete the book with installations of Java, various databases, and Hadoop. 
It's basically a reference book on R and understanding the program and how it works. It's not a gigantic book, but yet has everything that anyone may want to know about R is inside. I feel it explains everything a programmer may need to use the R program. It's a really great helpful book. It's got everything you need to know and understand. Many tips and helpful pages to guide you through the programming process.  I really had no idea about R programming, and still seem to be getting lost. However, this book teaches so much and is actually making it easy to understand.
Information About The Author:
Dan Zhang currently works at Qutke in the field of internet finance, leading a startup business of quantitative investment. As a programmer, he has worked in the area of program development for over ten years. Dan has developed mobile games as well as programming tools, and has worked on large Web application systems, internal CRM of companies, system integration of SOA, and big data tools based on Hadoop. Outsourcing, ecommerce, group purchase, payment, SNS and mobile SNS are all within his working range. He is familiar with four programming languages: R, Java, PHP, and JavaScript, and is knowledgeable of mass data storage, data analysis, and machine learning. His blog ( has a lot of R language original article.

Book Information:
January 27, 2016 by CRC Press 
Reference - 354 Pages - 112 B/W Illustrations 
ISBN 9781498736817 - CAT# K26506

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CRC Press- R for Programmers by Dan Zhang

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