Monday, March 7, 2016

PowerLead Apro Smart Watch

I have to start by saying that the PowerLead Apro Smart Watch is a great watch alternative to any expensive version. It's under 50 dollars and still gives you most of the same things a higher priced smart watch could do. So in away this could be a great practice watch, allows you to get an idea what a real brand one could provide and do. 
A few things to point out, the camera is located in front, giving you use to record and take photos from the watch itself. There is a sensitive touchscreen, large enough to see what apps or images you might be pressing or typing. The memory card allows you to store information and save it, which you do need to supply your own card. However, with a small buy of a memory card, this product works pretty great!
I love the size of the screen, which makes it easy to view anything I'm seeing on the screen, it's not too small at all! The watch might look huge, but honestly that just what you need when working with a smart watch to see what is going on and do all the things it can do like take photos, make calls, listen to music, chat on Facebook, twitter and so much more! There are a few other colors, as this is the Gold version, which is pretty nice!

I think my favorite feature is the ability to receive notifications about emails, twitter, and even Facebook. So I'm always caught up as well as the camera, which is visible and easy to access! Finally, the entire thing is really nice, comfortable to strap on my wrist and doesn't feel heavy at all! I'm use to large watches and find this to be an excellent smart watch to have fun with!

Product Information:
Incoming call and message sync (message sync only for Android OS 4.1 and above)
Dialing and answering (HF) telephone, call log and phone book sync, Bluetooth call.
Bluetooth notification allows for information from E-mail, Twitter and Facebook etc. (Only for Android OS 4.1 and above)
HD display: high sensitive capacitive touch screen, perfect match technology
Function: Pedometer; Sleep Monitoring; Anti-theft Remind; Remote Pictures;
Remote Notification; Alarm; Stopwatch; phone book ect.
Phone Function: make phone call directly from the smart watch, including answering and dial up, sim slot, support makes calls by bluetooth or smartwatch

Package Included:
1 x Smart Watch
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
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