Friday, March 18, 2016

Oria- Nylon Brush Set & Soldering Iron

The 8 Inch Nylon Brush Set is terrific! These Oria Brushes are perfect for tight tube-shaped items and small areas that need to be cleaned out! I use mine most often in the straws that come with my water bottles, which are so difficult to get inside and clean. These are metal based, very sturdy and flex easily. So I have no problem getting all the way inside the straw and even tiny bottles that are hard to reach into. It makes cleaning out these types of products so much easier!
I really enjoy that there are 10 in total and each are a variety of sizes, connected to a small ring. I can store these all together, select which I need to use to clean and never miss any spot inside a small object ever again! They just are an excellent product to own! A few ideas to use this with Airbrush Machines, Tattoo Equipment, Straws, Pipes, Jewelry, Keyboards, Coffee Thermal Mug Tops and so much more! It's pretty much a great set for so many different items that are always getting dusty, easily building up mold and getting clogged.

Product Information:
Item Weight: 41 g
Product Dimension: 21 x 5 x 5 cm
Material: Nylon, Stainless Steel

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I really enjoy this Soldering Iron Set by Oria. It's not only the Soldering Iron and tips you get but the wire that is required to repair the object. I always think of the Solder Wire as the glue that binds the object with another. However, you get both items and 5 different angled tips.

What I love is how fast the tip get once turned on and the ability to change the temperature from 200 to 450 degrees Celcius. Plus, the design of this Soldering Iron is a shape of a pen, which makes it very easy to handle. 

There aren't too many buttons to work with, just a small dial for temperature. Plus, for the Soldering Tips, which you get 5 different ones they fit in with a simple push into place and pull out to change. Finally, this is pretty easy to use, and works great! 

Product Information:
Working voltage: 110V
Power: 60W
Soldering iron length: 7.0 inch
Cable length: 59.0 inch
Temperature range: 200℃-450℃
Tips model: 900M series
Solder wire: 60/ 40 tin-lead 2.0%Flux; 1mm diameter; 0.71 ounce
Cooling down time: about 30 mins

Package includes:
1 x Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron
1 x Solder Wire (20 g/ 0.71 Oz)
5 x Soldering Iron Tips

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