Saturday, March 26

Novel Box 2 Finger Black Velvet Ring Stand

I really enjoy this 2 Finger Black Velvet Ring Stand by Novel Box. It's perfect for two rings, not just one! So I can show off two special rings I wear often, want to show when selling two different pieces and just a perfect way to set up for the next day with the rings I plan to wear. However it may be used, the stand is very nicely designed and the soft velvet keeps it scratch free, the size allows it to sit perfectly like it would on your finger and slide off when ready to put on and the display is elegant and perfect for rings!
I love the design, with the flat surface and the finger size holder for each ring. There is no problem with this product, it works for all sizes and designed rings. Excellent design, perfect 2 Fingers Stand by Novel Box!

Product Information:
Size: 2 (3.5X2X2")  
Color: Black Velvet

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