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NOLJA INC - Salon Tech Spinstyle Wave Pro Automatic Curling Iron(FREE HEAT PROTECTOR)

The NOLJA INC Salon Tech Spinstyle Wave Pro Automatic Curling Iron(FREE HEAT PROTECTOR) is a terrific tool for fast and simple curls! No matter if you want tight or loose curls, this iron will give you perfect sexy and salon stylish curls every time! It's actually became a favorite of mine since it came to my house! I love to play around with my hair and save money by doing some salon styles at home. However, this tool makes it so much easier to get the look I want fast!
The SpinStyle Wave Pro by NOLJA INC heats up pretty quickly and allows you to use it right away without having to wait. Actually, there is a lovely sound that goes off when it's heated up to the temperature you have chosen. So with this curling iron I have the ability to set the temperature to the right heat setting for my hair. Therefore, if you have thinner hair or thicker hair, this styling tool will have a perfect heat setting from 250 Degrees to 450 Degrees.
I always go for the lowest and try to see if it works best for my hair, before tempting anything higher. 
Now, what I love is that I don't need to fear that I left the curling iron on when it includes a 90minute auto shut off. That is such a great way to protect anyone from leaving their tool on and not being home. Anything can happen! Honestly, my mom is one for doing this,
as I notice it on when she's out of the house from that morning. So to have an auto shut off is a great thing to include!
Also, the cord is long enough to move away from the outlet and easily move around without it causing you to be stuck in one spot. So you can do a full 360 degrees with this Spinstyle Wave Pro. I always love more freedom  to move around with any hair styling tool. Plus, the buttons are simple to go either inward or outward, giving you a chance to style your hair the way you want it to look! I find that the inward is very nice to give the tips a nicer look and than I do also enjoy outwards for another fun style too! 
Of course, I do want to point out that this styling tool comes with a free heat protector spray, which allow for the hair to be protected when using any hot heating tools, no matter if it's the curling iron or another you may have. Therefore, together the curling iron and the spray make a perfect team and help create a masterpiece of beauty. Finally, this is an excellent buy and such a wonderful hair styling tool! 

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Product Information:
•Full control over styling direction (inward and outward curls) 
•Smart Sound 
•Fully automatic and tangle free 
•Quick and easy to curl 
•Auto Shut Off(over 90 minutes)

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