Monday, March 28, 2016

Miss Sweet LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

 The Miss Sweet LED Lighted Vanity Mirror is a terrific product when you want a close and clear visible view of your face. It makes adding makeup, super easy and applying lotions and other creams just as simple! The LED lights that surround the Miss Sweet Vanity Mirror, make it so much easier to view every part of the face, even in the dark. Plus, there is no need for a cord or electricity of any type, just batteries. The entire thing is powered on batteries, leaving the cords out of the way and placement of this mirror from being a problem.
I can take this mirror over from one counter to the next, travel with it and not have to worry about a cord to plug in. The batteries actually keep for a long time and allow me the power to keep these LED bulbs bright enough to see in the dark. I do have want to also point out, that the frame design is lovely. It's like a picture frame, how it's designed as a large square with rounded edges and a strong back piece, which holds it nicely angled. Plus, I can always put this away, if I don't want it left out on my counter. 

The bonus with this mirror is the 10x mini mirror, which is included. The small mirror is round and has a even better close-up look at anything on the face. So I can give my eyes the precise design I want or line my lips and pretty much apply make-up better. Also, it's great for plucking hair or shaving, which you now can get to see everything at a 10x magnification.
Finally, this is an excellent product and really great for anyone who has not much space to plug in another mirror or want something that can travel and give you a clear view of the face for any purpose. I find it to be better than any plugged in mirror and so very stylish!

Product Information:
  • Led Mirror Tabletop
  • The brightness of the led lights can be adjusted.Hold the button on the screen until it is bright enough
  • Applying Make-up
  • Glass mirror
  • Compact design
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