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LotFancy - Baby Hairbrush Set, Mustache Brush and 5-in1 Tire Gauge

The brush is made of wood bristles and one with soft bristles for easily brushing through a baby's fine hair. In my opinion, these both do an excellent job massaging the child's head. It's not harmful, has no rough parts and very comfortable to use with gentle strokes. 
Easily, each brush goes through the hair, without tearing or getting tangled. I just love the wood design, nice size handles, and excellent two pack! For a set, this is a great gift or perfect to own as a brush set with any child in mind!

Product Information:

  • Get rid of tangles and keep your baby's hair neat and soft
  • Both brushes with natural bamboo handles,extra-soft bristles for brushing your baby 's fine and gentle hair
  • Massage scalp and stimulates scalps with the one with wooden bristle and rounded tips to protect from cradle Cap
  • The bristles are firmly constructed and never shedding, BPA free, phthalate free, latex free, lead free. Your little baby's hair will never get tangled and static and they will enjoy being brushed and relax after both time, Please note that there is an air vent in the one with wooden bristle
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This is a LotFancy Boar Hard Bristle Brush for men. The round design is easy to handle while the bristles go through each hair easily, getting rid of dust, dirt and keeping the hair well groomed. I love that it's small in size, the bristles stay in place and it's made of top quality boar hair. I haven't had any problem with loose bristles from the brush falling out, each is very well positioned into the brush. Finally, the size allows it to be travel-friendly and  it is great on wet or dry beards and mustaches!

Product Information:

  • Handle is made of high quality Eco-friendly natural wood
  • Bristles are 100% natural boar hard bristles of the finest grade, produce no static
  • For dry or wet beards mustache with oil pomade or balm wax to taming and shaping
  • Bristles are well reinforced to keep them from falling out easily
  • Help groom, polish, shape your hair, remove dust and dirt particles and make your beard looks neat and stylish
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The LotFancy 5 in 1 is a perfect safety tool for the road! It can not only check tire pressure, which is always good to know when to put more air into the wheels, but also break glass, be used as a flashlight, cut a seat belt and signal a red LED light. These actually come in handy if you're trapped in the car seat and need a way to escape or signal someone for help. Now, what is really nice is that all 5 parts work great! None of the quality in each are less than the other. Therefore, I would highly recommend holding this into the glove compartment or someplace inside the car that is reachable.
Insert this end into the Tire
Digital Tire Reader
The 5 parts of this tool are positioned to be easily activated or used. The Flashlight is located on top, with a strong LED light and the red LED is by the tire gauge insert and digital reader. If you are going to use this to break glass, the bottom of the tool has the small 
Seat Belt Cutter
Window Breaker locks in place when not needed
Releases the pointy piece for breaking the window when unlocked
pointed piece to help crack and break away the glass from a car. Now for the seat belt cutter, which reminds me of an envelope opener, is located on the bottom part of this  tire gauge tool as well. These are pretty much the locations of each piece and it's easy to access, since the product is very small and can be operated with one hand.
So for a safety tool, this is a nice one to own in any car! 

Product Information:

  • 5-In-1 Tool
    • Tire Guage 
    • Seatbelt Cutter 
    • Window Glass Breaker 
    • Flashlight 
    • Red LED light 
  • Lightweight design with a non-slip grip for maximum control 
  • Backlight display to be able to measure tire pressure in dim and dark condition
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