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Learn to Code with Games by John M. Quick

The book, Learn to Code with Games by John M. Quick is a simple reference book on game coding. You will learn how to create your own game with a few challenges, which is awesome! The book is not too complicated to understand and helps teach you everything you will need to know.
The lessons inside this book, you will learn would be the required fields, the unity game engine, challenges to get you learning something and creating better gameplay, completing goals in each section, characters, and characteristics, worlds, and so much more. However, the book is designed in an order that will help you begin understanding the way to code up our own game and figure out different tasks being asked for you to accomplish. At the end, you will have a game to play and maybe have someone else try to beat it.
While reading the book, you will be going through different sections of creating different parts and features of the game, while trying to accomplish the goals of  each section. This not only helps you understand but gives you hand on learning. So you really won't be left out and will learn something new during each step as you read through the book and perform them yourself. I really like that part, hands on and a true visual of what your reading can be done on screen.
Finally, this is an excellent book, for anyone interested in coding and gaming! Of course, I just love games and when I see that I can learn to code as well, I knew this book would be something I had to read. So I am very happy with the book and its excellent guidance, very complete and easy to learn!
Information About The Author:
John M. Quick is an expert in the strategic enhancement of motivation, learning, and performance. He collaborates with industry and university clients to strategically solve the greatest challenges in motivation, learning, and performance. John earned a PhD in Educational Technology at Arizona State University, where he researched enjoyment and individual differences in games. He created the Gameplay Enjoyment Model (GEM) and Gaming Goal Orientations (GGO) model to guide the design of effective game-based solutions. John has released more than 15 digital games. His games focus on innovative topics, such as learner engagement, employee performance improvement, and cutting-edge interfaces. John has over 5 years of classroom experience at the higher education level. He has instructed courses on computer literacy, game design, and programming at Michigan State University (East Lansing), Arizona State University (Tempe), and DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore.

Book Information:
October 14, 2015 by A K Peters/CRC Press 
Reference - 292 Pages - 68 B/W Illustrations 
ISBN 9781498704687 - CAT# K24726

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CRC Press- Learn to Code with Games by John M. Quick

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