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Langford's Starting Photography by Philip Andrews

The book, Langford's Starting Photography by Philip Andrews is an excellent guide for understanding photography by capturing great pictures, learning about all types of cameras, and how they work.  Also, there are some included fun projects to enjoy while learning after each part in the book. There is a total of 10 parts in this book, each covering a different subject in photography. You will get to learn about Picture Making, Cameras, Subjects, Workflow, and so many other must-know information on photography. It's pretty much a great course book and will help give a student a way to understand everything before going out and taking photos. 
There is some excellent information, that I found useful for taking pictures. Some of which is to try capturing  the photo or the surroundings, trying to take a photo of what is my main focal point and emphasizing it. So, if I'm capturing the photo of a dog and try to make that the only thing seen most of all in the picture, verse the surroundings. Plus, the use of a viewfinder to help capture the image being photographed. Plus, that wasn't all that really interested me about this book! I did enjoy that it covers many small tips and large helpful ones about certain cameras, and the purpose of certain features. Plus, one that really stuck out to me is taking photographs in water and other difficult places to capture a shot.

Oh and let me say, the projects are very fun! There is one inside the book that has you going out and taking photos that look like a certain letter, which you choose. If you find anything that looks like that letter, 5 objects in total you need to take a photograph of it and they have to be different objects. I thought that was very nice as a project and a great thing to do with a class of students learning photography. Also, there is one that you have to illustrate the color red in three pictures without photographing any object in that color. Of course, it can be used with many other colors, but that idea is another excellent one! I found this book to be extremely helpful and exciting. Since, I get to be involved with my camera and learn, while having fun!
Finally, I would highly recommend this book for a fun way to learn, teach yourself something new and get an idea about photography and cameras.It's a great beginners book, good for a Photography Course and even just fun for anyone interested in photography. Also, for those who love to work with computer programs like Photoshop!
Information About The Author:
Philip Andrews is Adobe Australia's official Photoshop and Elements Ambassador. He is an experienced photographer, author, magazine editor, and online course creator. He was previously a lecturer at the Queensland School of Printing and Graphic Arts, Australia, and Nescot, England. He is a beta tester for Photoshop, an alpha tester for Photoshop Elements, and a Photoshop specialist demonstrator for Adobe Australia. Philip is also co-founder of photo-college.com, an online photography training college. He's a regular contributor to several magazines including Shutterbug, Amateur Photographer, Australian Photography, and Better Photography, and is senior contributing editor for Better Digital, columnist for What Digital Camera, and co-editor and publisher of Better Photoshop Techniques magazine.

The late Michael Langford formerly taught at the Royal College of Art, becoming Photography Course Director. Key involvement with photography courses and examination syllabuses at all levels. UK

Book Information:
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Focal Press; 7 edition (December 8, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1138842230
ISBN-13: 978-1138842236
Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.6 x 1.7 inches

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