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Interactive Shortcuts - Mac OS El Capitan and Microsoft Windows 10 & Office Reference Guides

I have recently found this wonderful company from the USA known as Interactive Shortcuts. They supply you with wonderful shortcuts and reference guides for the new computer programs we use on a daily basis. The main reason for the use of these guides are to do things quicker and make working on the newer programs so much easier. So it'll be less time remembering and speed up the work you have in front of you. These sort of sheets really can help make it easy for kids and adults to use any new program by Microsoft, like windows 10 or all the new Offices. However, it can be difficult to remember which key does what, when the programs are always changing. Plus, forgetting is a possible thing when it comes to remembering every program's secret keyboard shortcut. Therefore, owning a shortcut guide like the ones from Interactive Shortcuts, provide not only help with using a program easier, but comes in a laminated form, allowing it to be protected and last longer. Also, unlike many that sell shortcut sheets, this company actually donates a portion of each sale to

I was lucky enough to try these two new released shortcut sheet for Microsoft Windows 10 and Office Pocket Guide and Mac OS El Capitan Reference Keyboard Shortcut. Now, these are all laminated and provide shortcuts to the programs mentioned. Plus, what I love about each of these and the 150 others they sell online is that they are made for first time users and those that need a simpiler way to remember the shortcuts on their keyboard. Below is the two I've had a chance to review.
The Mac OS El Capitan Keyboard Shortcut is a printed page, which has been laminated.
What I really enjoy about the lamination is that it keeps the product lasting longer and no liquid could mess it up. Plus, with the size of the keyboard printed on the page is large and visual for anyone to see. No squinting or problems understanding what is shown on each key.
Thin and laminated shortcut sheet for Mac OS El Capitan
Now, there are two sides. One side actually refers to the keyboard used on a Mac and the opposite side refers to the Safari and Chrome browsers, as well as shortcuts used while booting up the computer, symbols for text writing, Windows/Document shortcuts and the general shortcuts to printing, searching files, screenshot and a bunch more! It's really packed with all the most used tools and now it's easy for anyone to know what one does what, with this laminated sheet!
The new Microsoft Windows 10 & Offices are now super simple with this pocket guide!
The pocket size guide, very small and spiral bound is easy to see a visual of all the keyboard shortcuts for each program inside. The book is laminated on the front and back cover, with tabs inside making it easy to find what program you need a shortcut guide too.
Each guide inside is large and clear enough to read and understand. So it's perfect for anyone to use! The tabs I think are a great way to easily find what program I'm using and need help remembering the key shortcut too. However, the big thing that I love about this guide is that it's got every program inside from Microsoft. It's not just the Windows 10. It's actually got the entire Microsoft Office Programs such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Plus, a bonus area for notes,, which there is plenty of space to write down any little tip, hint or idea that comes the mind, worth remembering! 
I finally have to say that these both are really well made and helps to make using these programs so much easier! So if you are interested to know some secret shortcuts to some of those programs you use often like Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Google and so many others, than take a look at the wonderful guides Interactive Shortcuts have to offer!

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